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What's on offer for those in the west and Wales in the coming months from the DMA, IDM and Employability


How did the lockdown impact the way companies perceive digital marketing? Moment Agency explores how it took something drastic for many businesses to start thinking seriously about it, and the coronavirus trends that contributed to this revaluation.


For over 25 years, aspiring creatives have battled to impress some of the biggest names in marketing to win the DMA Breakthrough Award. Read how the 2023 winners broke through, their awards experience, and the opportunities that followed.


How do you gain or maintain relevance with audiences by email in these times of change? In collaboration with the ISBA, the DMA Email Council participated in a roundtable discussion to help the National Trust and Sainsbury’s Bank tackle these challenges.
Member Content

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The latest edition of the DMA’s annual report into the state of door drops.

New Research: Changes for Identity in Marketing and Advertising

New Research from Winterberry Group explores the current state and future outlook for identity in a privacy-first, post-cookie world. Read the press release about the recent paper based on the insights of more than 100 senior industry experts in the U.S. and European identity ecosystem.

Coronavirus: June 2023 - Business Impacts Barometer

Find out how your organisation fits in with others across the UK data and marketing industry in response to the pandemic. Uncover the findings from the fourth phase of our examination of how businesses have been impacted in June.


The landmark ruling has been widely anticipated by the data and marketing industry due to the wide repercussions for some of the biggest tech giants and data transfers in the world.

Coronavirus: June 2023 - The Impacts on Business

The fourth phase of the DMA’s survey into the impact of the coronavirus reveals increasing concern and continued uncertainty in the data and marketing industry, despite the easing of lockdown measures.
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